Take care guide for T-Shirts


Of course, we highly recommend hand washing our product for optimal care! But you also can wash it in a washing machine! If using a washing machine, select a temperature mode not exceeding 30°C (for example, “Hand wash” or “Delicate” modes). Also, you can use detergents, ideally without chemical additives. Perfect fit product based on crushed laundry soap or pure soap.

Important: Do not twist clothes after washing. Do not use bleaching agents.

Rinse gently using a delicate cycle. After rinsing we recommend to add vinegar in the proportion: a teaspoon per liter of water. This method of rinsing will provide the brightness and shine of the threads, as well as the fresh appearance of the product

Prevent items from sticking together during washing. Also, avoid twisting one item into another.

Important: Do not overload the washing machine drum; select items based on size (e.g., avoid washing bed linen with clothes).

When hand washing, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of viscose threads. Viscose threads do not fade but temporarily lose strength when saturated with moisture. Avoid vigorous rubbing, especially for heavy dirt stains.

Important: After drying threads regain strength.


An item with embroidery can be dried in the usual way. When you wet the product with embroidery it is important to remember: the product is not damaged! Fabric may deform slightly, but the embroidery remains intact due to its strength. Complete drying and gentle ironing will restore the product to its original shape.


Two important conditions:

1. The item should be slightly damp to smooth out the wrinkles. If necessary, spray it with water.

2. Iron the product only inside out or cover it with a thin cloth. After ironing, allow the product to rest so that any remaining steam dissipates. Following these recommendations will help maintain the original appearance of your favorite embroidered item.


Q: What should I do if the embroidered design “bumps” even when ironed?

A: If you did everything correctly, you can eliminate “bumps” simply by placing some heavy books on it for some time. Ensure the lowest book has a hard glossy cover to prevent damage (e.g., paper cover may be damaged or can damage the embroidery).


Q: Is it permissible to starch embroidered items?\

A: Yes, excluding silk. Special starch sprays work well, or regular hairspray can suffice.


Q: What to do if your embroidered item is damaged by not following the washing instructions?

A: Soak the item in warm water (30°C- 40°C) for 60 minutes. Then gently wrap it in a terry towel, let it dry, and patiently iron it inside out. Constantly straightening the pattern in the desired direction. With care, damaged items can be restored!